Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Love Hurts

Love hurts, but your romantic suffering need not be a negative thing when it can instead serve as a badge of honor... Case in point: this chunky silver ring from Spragwerks (available at ShopRobertson.com). Yes, it may feature a giant heart with a rather deep and cavernous gulf down the middle, but while it shows you may not be keen on romance, it also demonstrates you are tough as nails. And that's pretty cool.
Photo courtesy of ShopRobertson.com.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Begeren Last Call Sale

Begeren makes amazing handbags, and now you can get them for a great price at the Begeren End of Season Sale through February 10th. StyleChronicles profiled Linda Ly and her line here (where you can learn all about Ly's style ethic and creative inspiration). Check out the Venice Hobo, the Moorea Tote, the Melrose Clutch, and many others at incredible prices. You seriously do not want to miss this sale. www.begeren.com.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Seboni, take me away...

Winter is not exactly good for motivation... the sun leaves us too early in the day, and cold mornings make us want to retreat under the covers indefinitely. While we can't provide a panacea for all of your winter troubles, we can recommend something that definitely makes everything seem a lot easier: Seboni's Heligan Haze Shower Gel. Yes, it is just a bath product, but the scent is so fresh it snaps you from the winter doldrums in a second.

Let's be honest: this is not a sugary-sweet, perfumey bath gel--so if you like those, you can stop reading right now. Heligan Haze is herbal smelling--wonderfully so--and is utterly invigorating. Apparently this blend of lavender, sage, and rosemary (among others) "...promotes alertness, clarity of mind and harmony while counteracting emotional tension." It is clean-smelling, and lingers softly on your skin long after your shower. In a word: fabulous.

Seboni is available at: BeautyExclusive.com.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spread the Love: Valentine's Day Shopping Online

Ah, Valentine's Day! One of the few days a year when it is somewhat acceptable to consume vast quantities of chocolate in public spaces (that includes in your cube at work, semi-shielded from prying eyes). It is also a day (or, if you follow retailers' lead, an entire month) where one may reward herself and others with gifts for no real reason at all. What this equates to is a plethora of V-Day ready gifts offered by multiple online retailers. So whether you're a guy who is desperate to find the right Valentine's Day gift, or a woman on a mission to find something special to reward yourself with, or anything in between, here is a helpful compilation of lust-worthy items anyone would be thrilled to receive!

For the woman who has a shopping habit you'll only be encouraging...
Check out cute stuff at the following websites: NessaLeeStyle.com (the selection of JET hoodies is one of the best online; you can even get Nicole Richie's "Love" hoodie here); StyleViolet.com (this site has tons of fashionable, yet affordable, looks; check out the Shadow Stripe Dress in 'brick'); JoiaStyleStudio.com (we positively adore the earring collection on this site, especially the 'Elegant Chandelier Earrings'). Shop at Joia befor
e 3/1/2007 and use the promo code 'newyear07' for 15% off (on all non-sale merchandise). In addition, all orders over $50 receive free standard shipping!

For the cheeky girl in all of us...
Check out Jules Smith Design, exclusively at ShopBop.com. The handcarved lips pendant is
available in sterling silver, or gold/rose vermeil. Check it out here.

For the beauty product junkie...
As BeautyHabit's slogan aptly states, this site is indeed addicting. This could not be more true with the addition of Burn Rare Love Balm. With a slightly naughty name and a spellbinding scent, this body treatment moisturizes with cocoa and shea butter. As an added bonus, the folks at Beauty Habit maintain that Burn Rare Love Balm is a "...profoundly intense journey into th
e deeply sensual realm of fragrances long noted for their aphrodisiac qualities to ignite passion." Uhm, we'll take 10 of those, please. Available on BeautyHabit by clicking here.

For the lover of lux...

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Vernis Collection is now available in Pomme d'Amour, just in
time for Valentine's Day (with mock surprise we exclaim, What a strange coincidence!). Available exclusively through eLuxury.com, the new color is especially striking on the small leather accessories such as the Key and Change Holder... We cannot, however, guarantee these will be in stock for long! Check out all of the goods here. Photo is courtesy of eluxury.com.

For the handbag addict...
Dior's Cannage handbag is quilted, and positively gorgeous! Stick with black for a classic look, but if you want something dramatic (and, we might add, holiday-appropriate), get it in red (pictured at left).

For the shoe fiend...

You can't go wrong with Louboutins, or a new pair of Jimmy Choo, or... we could go on forever. Head on over to Net-a-porter.com and check out the goodies!

For those with a fragrance fetish...
Bond No. 9 makes some of the most delectable scents, and the newest addition, Bryant Park, is no different from its predecessors, and perfect for Valentine's Day. A rose-patchouli and pick pepper scent, the scent itself will require those with a tolerance for delayed gratification, as it does not hit the company's website or Saks until March 1. You can, however, preview the scent during Fashion Week, or just head over to the Bond No. 9's site and order one of our other favorite scents, West Side (a mixture of rose, ylang-ylang, amber, and vanilla). Visit www.bondno9.com.

Finally, for the foodie... Forget flowers, give the foodie in your life what she or he really wants, from Williams-Sonoma--the Red Velvet Heart Cake. According to the site, "Distinguished by its scarlet hue, rich cocoa flavor and velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture, this vintage cake makes a grand finale for Valentine’s Day celebrations." Order the Red Velvet Heart Cake by February 9th for Valentine's Day delivery. Check out the dessert in all its splendor here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Heidi and Lauren's bags on The Hills

Forget the drama on MTV's "The Hills," viewers want to know what bags the two reality television stars have been sporting on the show, and carrying to recent events (who knew?). Lauren Conrad (formerly of said cable television network's huge hit, Laguna Beach) has been carrying around the Dylan Double Handle bag from Linea Pelle Collection, while Heidi Montag (of Bolthouse Productions) has been seen carrying a mustard yellow Dylan Messenger (from what we can tell from the first episode that aired on January 15). Where can you find these equal parts casual/rocker handbags? Go to www.lineapellecollection.com to check out the full range of Dylan bags, as well as the company's belts and accessories. Use promo code STYLE15 for 15% off your purchase at Linea Pelle!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Begeren Melrose Clutch

Yes, it's true that the current trend in bags is to carry one that's nearly half the size of your body, but let's face it, you can't carry that when you go out at night. We know it may be hard, but you have to wean yourself off of the compulsion to throw everything you might need in one year into your handbag. It's practically a syndrome, but it can be stopped.

Luckily, an antidote to this malady exists in the form of the Melrose Clutch, by Begeren. Due to its super thoughtful accordion pleat construction and lightweight Italian lambskin material, this bad boy lets you carry your essentials out at night (or day) without appearing bulky. It is the perfect way to feel prepared for the evening, without sacrificing style.

The Melrose clutch comes in 'Armagnac', a deep butterscotch color with a basketweave texture, and our personal favorite, 'Mod Crackle'. Given this season's predilection for all things black and white, the Mod Crackle version of the Melrose Clutch fits right in, and due to the simple black and white colors, also allows you to mix and match it with a variety of outfits.

All Begeren bags are the brainchild of designer Linda Ly, profiled in June 2006 (read more here). Using only the best materials, Ly creates a variety of handbags for the line. While each bag is gorgeous, Ly designs with an eye towards functionality. Head to www.begeren.com to check out the Melrose Clutch and a number of Ly's other designs, and use the code below for 20% off!

Until November 15th, use the code 'STYLECHRON20' for 20% off your purchase!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Steal This Hoodie

Well, sort of. LuvCharlie now features "The Weekly Steal," which allows customers to get deep discounts on very current items, like this Mike & Chris Drew Hoodie. What makes this hoodie so darn special? Mike & Chris allow you to be comfortable in 100% cotton fleece, but not at the expense of style, so you can be cozy and still look cool. In addition to the Drew hoodie, we also love the (albeit full priced) Harvey Fleece Tunic, which has cool ribbing details at the top, bottom, and sleeves. It's all so simple, but that is what makes it so striking.

This weekly only at LuvCharlie.com you can get the Mike & Chris Drew Hoodie for $120 instead of $165. You can wear it all fall as a light jacket, and once it gets colder, layer it with thermals and tees for warmth. Available here.

Photo courtesy of LuvCharlie.com.